This section contains all of the information regarding renting room(s) in the Village of Dannemora Community Center. The gymnasium, break room, cafeteria an kitchen are all available to rent for private or public uses. Rental agreements are available at the bottom of this page or you may pick one up from the Village Office. 
To inquire about renting a space in the Community Center, please contact us:
Village Clerk-Treasurer's Office
Phone: 518-492-7000
Fax: 518-492-7548
Deputy Clerk: Kelli Rose (
SECURITY DEPOSIT: We require a security deposit check in the amount of $75.00 made payable to the Village of Dannemora, which will be returned to the Lessee upon return of the keys and inspection of the premises rented to ensure all rules and regulations have been adhered to and that the premises remain clean and undamaged.
RENTAL RATES:  Reservation will be confirmed upon payment in full by lessee.

If you would like to schedule a room in the Community Center that will have public attendance, please note:

~ Practices for teams or public events require a copy of a certificate insurance with the Village of Dannemora named on the certificate, or

~ Classes, sports, or other such events must be sponsored by the
Parks & Recreation department or the Village of Dannemora (non-sports). Click above for appropriate page and contact information.




  • No alcohol allowed on premises.

  • No smoking allowed in the building.

  • No use of confetti or rice.

  • No equipment or supplies may be removed from the premises.

  • Lessee will be held responsible for any damage done to the building during the period of occupancy.

  • Heat should not be adjusted.

  • Telephones are for village business and emergency only.

  • Only Painter’s tape or tacks may be used on walls and all remnants must be removed.

  • Please check to verify all water in kitchen and bathrooms is shut off and toilets are not running.

  • Building must be locked upon departure.

  • Make sure bathroom floors, sinks and mirrors are neat for next party using the facility.

  • Check trash in each bathroom and dump in big trash can outside of bathroom if needed for next people to use building.

  • Please bag all trash and deposit it by the white trash can at front door for disposal. Do NOT use dumpster in the parking lot – it is not ours.


Anyone not abiding by these rules will forfeit their cleaning/key deposit and may be denied future use of any village facilities.



$25 Village Resident

$45 Non-Resident

Each Additional Hour

$10 Resident/Non-Resident



$25 Village Resident

$45 Non-Resident

Each Additional Hour

$10 Resident/Non-Resident



$50 Village Resident

$90 Non-Resident

Each Additional Hour

$20 Resident/Non-Resident

Break Room

Rate varies

and will be

specified based

on event

and frequency

of use.

Village Community Center Schedule and Rental Information