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Department of Public Works

The Public Works employees are responsible for the success of projects and the safety of this community. The department provides many services to residents around the clock and throughout the year.

Interim Public Works Supervisor

Larry Carrow


Garage Phone: 518-492-7245

Public Works Laborers

Nick Barnaby

Shawn Hart

Street Cleaning & Snow Removal
Streets are swept and cleaned in the Village beginning in the spring and continuing throughout the summer. Snow and ice removal efforts are performed as required. 


Spring & Fall Cleanup Days
Village residents can take this opportunity to remove any tree limbs, grass clippings and leaves from their property. The Village will pick up these items and dispose of them without cost to the resident. All tree limbs and branches must be less than three inches in diameter and less than four feet long, stacked at  the curbside. All grass clippings and leaves must be placed in CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS for removal. No trash, garbage, metal, glass or plastics will be accepted. These days will be advertised annually during the spring and fall.​


Street Repair & Projects
Capital improvements to various roadways are performed by Public Works' employees or outside contractors depending the scope of th
e project. General maintenance of roadways is a consistent and endless chore of activity and the department routinely repairs streets and sidewalks.

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