Dannemora Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief

Assistant Fire Chief


​The Dannemora Volunteer Fire Department is comprised of many brave and willing volunteers.  The Fire Department has been a part of the Dannemora community since 1884 and is always looking for volunteers to join our department.

The Dannemora Fire Station is not staffed twenty-four hours a day. Volunteers monitor a digital scanner and are dispatched to scenes with a designated tone for our department.  All staff are well trained and practice every Monday of the year to make sure their equipment is in working order.

The Village of Dannemora is located in a rural section of upstate New York.  There are a number of small villages and hamlets in the immediate vicinity.  Each of these communities has their own separate fire departments, but because of their size and limited populations the equipment is minimal.  Largely due to the rural nature of this area the Dannemora Fire Department and Ambulance Squad is often called upon for mutual aid to assist with emergencies in these neighboring communities.  Many of these same departments have also responded to our community with equipment and manpower during fires and other emergency situations.