Credit Card Payments

The Village of Dannemora now accepts payments via credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, American Express) via phone or online. You have a choice of paying by credit card or e-check. 

For credit card payments, the service fee is a minimum of $3 per transaction up to $113; after that, it is 2.65% of the total transacation. E-checks have a standard fee of $1.50 per transaction. There will be an additional fee of $35 if the e-check is returned. These service fee amounts are payable directly to the provider who processes our transactions securely and in compliance with Federal regulations and not to the Village of Dannemora.

None of your banking information comes to the Village office in order to keep your financial transactions secure. 
Bills are mailed on August 1 annually and the due date with no penalty of the 1st installment is November 1. Residents may choose to pay the entire amount shown on the bill the first installment amount. If the first installment only is paid, the remaining balance will be due by March 1 with no penalty. Residents can pay one or both installments with the exact amount on the bill.

PENALTIES: Unpaid bills after 11/1 will receive a 5% penalty on the first installment amount, with additional penalty of 1% each month added until paid. Unpaid installment amounts after 3/1 will be assessed another 5% penalty with an additional 1% per month until paid, or until 4/30. No payments will be accepted after April 30 in the Village Officer.

**PLEASE NOTE:  After April 30, unpaid amounts with penalties will be re-levied to resident's Village Tax bill. 

 Bills are mailed on June 1 annually and the due date with no penalty is  July 1. 
Residents must pay the entire amount as shown on the bill.  Installments are
not available.  Payments can be made directly at TaxLookup.Net (click button) or by calling the Village Office. 

PENALTIES: Unpaid amounts after July 1 will receive a 5% penalty with an additional 1% penalty each month until paid. No payments will be accepted after October 31 by the Village Office. 

** PLEASE NOTE: After October 31, unpaid amounts with penalties will be re-levied to the Clinton County Treasurer.


Building, Recreational Burning, Special and other Permit fees - payment due with submission of application. You may need to contact the Code Enforcement Officer before application to obtain all requirements.

Payments may be made for the following:
- Parking Tickets (must have ticket number for reference)
- Building Rental Fees - reserving gym, cafeteria or other rooms in the Dannemora Community Center building; 
- Selected event participation fees
- Birth/Death Certificate requests
- Any other activities requiring payment.

Payment is due with submission of appropriate paperwork. Please view appropriate page for your interest.