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Fire Department

Fire Chief
Marc Woodward

Assistant Fire Chief

Eric Jarvis


The Village of Dannemora Fire Department is a dedicated group of volunteer firefighters who serve the community with pride and professionalism. Established in 1884, the department has a long and rich history of protecting the village and its residents from fires and other emergencies. The department is equipped with modern firefighting equipment and trained in the latest firefighting techniques, ensuring that they are always ready to respond to any emergency. In addition to fighting fires, the department also provides a range of other services, including search and rescue, hazardous materials response, and emergency medical services. With a strong commitment to community service and a deep respect for the safety of all residents, the Village of Dannemora Fire Department is an essential part of the community.

Village of Dannemora Fire Station

163 Emmons Street

Dannemora, NY 12929


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