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Village Clerk-Treasurer

Village Clerk-Treasurer

Megan Spellman


Deputy Village Clerk-Treasurer

Tabitha Trombley


The office is located immediately inside the Village of Dannemora Community Center

40 Emmons Street, PO Box 566 | Dannemora, New York 12929
Phone: 518-492-7000
Fax: 518-492-7548

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Wednesday, Friday

9:00am to 4:00pm

Closed on Thursdays

Village Clerk-Treasurer Megan Spellman

The Village of Dannemora Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the financial and administrative functions of the village. The Clerk-Treasurer serves as the chief fiscal officer of the village and is responsible for managing the village's budget, accounts, and financial operations.


The Clerk-Treasurer is also responsible for overseeing administrative functions, such as maintaining official records, issuing licenses and permits, and coordinating elections. The Clerk-Treasurer works closely with other village officials and departments to ensure that all administrative and financial operations are conducted efficiently and effectively.


The Clerk-Treasurer is appointed by the Village Board and serves as a liaison between the board, village residents, and other local and state agencies. The position requires strong communication and leadership skills, as well as a deep understanding of financial management, budgeting, and administrative operations.


The Village of Dannemora Clerk-Treasurer values transparency and open communication with the community to ensure that the village's financial and administrative functions are conducted in a transparent and effective manner, promoting public trust and confidence in the village government.

The Deputy Clerk-Treasurer works in conjunction with the Village Clerk-Treasurer on all duties above, and steps in when the Clerk-Treasurer is not available to fulfill those duties. Contact regarding questions pertaining to:

  • Payroll/ Personnel

  • Deferred Compensation

  • Worker's Compensation

  • NYS and Local Retirement System

  • Reserving Space in the Community Center

More Information:

Online Payments

  • The Village of Dannemora now accepts payments online with a credit card. You may pay your water/sewer bill and any funds owed for permits. However, land taxes cannot be paid online with a credit card. A small service fee is added which goes to the provider. Please click on the link below to access online payment options.

Credit Card Payments
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